Instant Rust Removal Spray Instant Rust Removal Spray
Instant Rust Removal Spray $15.95

Quickly dissolve the toughest rust stains 5 times stronger in 1 spray! No more compromise to dirty, rough metal surface!   FEATURES 5X Rust Removal Power!This heavy-duty Instant Remover Spray clings to dissolve rust stains completely with no scrubbing, which are hard to clear with normal cleaning   Instant Dissolve Tough RustEasily remove toughest rust on all metal, chrome surfaces in 3 mins! 3 Year Longlasting ProtectionEliminate rust, prime metal to prevent rust forming for 3 years     Easy Spray, No Rinsing!Simply spray & apply on rusty surface. No touching or any protective gear needed! MultipurposeGreat for bath, toilet, kitchen utensils & your metal car surfaces Non-CorrosiveSafe, non abrasive, safe to use around kids & pets   HOW TO USE:  Spray directly to any rusted metal surface. For extra power on hard-to-remove marks, leave until the rust disappears or repeat if needed.   PACKAGE INCLUDES 1x Instant Rust Removal Spray (30ml)

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All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner
All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner $29.95

CLEANING A MESS SHOULDN'T BE A STRESS!   This All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner is a powerful foaming cleaning agent. It is not only suitable for the toughest kitchen stains and messes but also can quickly clean fabrics, leather, toilets, floors and your entire car!Non-toxic formula with no chemical bleach, it can be safely used for pet stains without harming pets. No water rinse required!All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner doesn’t have any precautionary or hazardous material statements. It’s even earned the EPA’s Design for the Environment Certification (DfE) for its incredibly low impact on the planet.   FEATURES: Replace your general cleaner, for a ALL-IN-One! ​Instantly Remove Grease or Grime ​Freshly Scented, 100 % Non-Toxic, No Chemical Smell ​Works on all surface including fabric, canvas, finished leather, PVC, glass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, metals, wood, gel coat, fiberglass and more! ​Rinse Free         FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:   Can it be used on granite counters? It can be used on virtually any surface. Can this be sprayed on a leather couch? To clean the leather items, just spray it and wipe it dry with no waiting period. However, to clean and kill germs spray the items, wait 30 seconds and wipe them dry with a clean paper towel or rag. Can I use it as a mattress cleaner? It cuts through deep stains in mattreses, the "Bursting Bubbles" blast away and stains and dirt left from the years of using your mattress. Could you use it on sports equipment and pads? It works great, it doesn't leave a film. You can use it on almost everything. PACKAGE INCLUDES:1 x All-Purpose Rinse-Free Bubble Cleaner (200 ml)

Cordless Power Scrubber Pro Cordless Power Scrubber Pro
Cordless Power Scrubber Pro $84.95

 CLEAN WISER, NOT HARDER!   Want your bathroom and kitchen to look NEW again?  Frustrated with the dirty but unreachable areas that you haven’t cleaned FOREVER? Want to save TIME and ENERGY cleaning? This is the solution for YOU! Cordless Power Scrubber Pro is the BEST cordless electric brush that will make your home look NEW again! No more bending over to reach the unreachable. Use this tool and clean it better with less effort!    SIMPLE DEVICE FOR TOUGH STAINS This tool is a cordless power scrubber that spins 360° to target desired cleaning areas. After fully charged, the device can be used for up to 60 MINUTES. Let our NEW Cordless Power Scrubber do ALL the work for you! SCRUB AWAY dirt, burned messes, mildew, soap, and hard water stains with ease!     CLEAN ANYTIME ANYWHERE This powerful device can be used to clean shower, tub, tile, bathroom, floor, grout, wall, bathtub, corner, kitchen, toilet, soap scum, door, sink, cement, car, RV, baseboard, window, glass, boat – basically, ANY area in the house and outside of the house.   THREE MULTI-PURPOSE BRUSH HEADS Our Scrubber comes with THREE BRUSH HEADS that will satisfy ALL your cleaning needs. Choose the appropriate brush head based on the desired cleaning area to get rid of any stubborn stains and dirty surfaces. We recommend keeping two sets of brush heads to separate indoor and outdoor uses.    CLEAN HARD TO REACH AREAS WITH EASE The telescopic EXTENSION rod is optional during cleaning but it comes in handy when you need to reach high areas, such as shower-head, window, car. Take it high, take it low, take it ANYWHERE you’d like to clean with comfort! The water-resistant design allows cleaning under wet conditions safely.   Don't forget to pick the appropriate plug based on your location: US plug - United States, CanadaUK plug - United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, SingaporeEU plug - Europe with exception of the United Kingdom, and IrelandAU plug - Australia, New Zealand PACKAGE INCLUDES: Cordless Power Scrubber (Host, Main Handle, and Extension Rod) Three Brush Heads (Round, Flat, and Corner Brush)  Charger (US, UK, EU, or AU Plug)  SPECIFICATIONS:  Color: Sky Blue  Material: ABS, PP, Aluminum and Silica Gel  Item Weight: 850g / 1.9lb Voltage: 110-240VAC  50/60HZ Length of Use: up to 60mins  Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

Portable 5 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush Portable 5 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush
Portable 5 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush $34.95

YOUR MINI HOUSEHOLD HELPER     Not many people like scrubbing, washing, and cleaning those dirty stains in their houses. However, with the Portable 5 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush at hand, home cleaning, especially bathrooms and kitchens, doesn't have to be grueling task anymore.      It is a portable cordless scrubber with 3 interchangeable attachments to perfectly meet different needs. This power scrubber effectively cleans and wipes away dirt in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, garage, and more.   HIGHLIGHTS: 3 interchangeable brush heads: Soft sponge brush: for cleaning the fragile goods Polyester Sherpa brush: for cleaning sofas and carpets Nylon brush: for cleaning kitchen, tub, tiles, and so on Perfect for multiple cleaning tasks: widely used for home, kitchen, and bathroom to clean the washing platform, sink, window and bathtub. Save your time: clean more efficiently and powerfully than manual mobbing multiple times without putting any added strain on your arm. Seamlessly sticky hook: hang your brush within your reach on the wall and let it dry easily. The lightweight tool, perfect grip, and cordless operation ensure more comfort Compact enough for an easy storage SPECIFICATION: Material: ABS + Nylon + Polyester Power Supplies: 4 * AA Battery (Not included) Size: 12cm x 20cm PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x Electric Brush 3 x Brush Head 1 x Stick Hook

Rotatable Adjustable Triangle Cleaning Mop Rotatable Adjustable Triangle Cleaning Mop
Rotatable Adjustable Triangle Cleaning Mop $15.95

Cleaning the house has never been easier! The mop head rotates 180 degrees, and any corner can be easily cleaned.Adjustable length, whether it is on the ceiling or under the sofa, it can be stretched freely. No need to climb stairs or bend down to clean. Save your time and effort.   Features: The premium chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super absorbent and vacuuming ability. It's with tightness adjustment buckles on both sides, easy to install - Install or change with a gentle pull. It is telescopic, with a lock structure which is loose at left and tight at right, and the adjustable range is 59-90 cm and 59-132cm, which is available to both the elderly and the child. There is a hanging hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging and draining for convenient storage. 180 degree rotatable, triangular mop easy to reach the hard-to-reach corner, can be used for cleaning bathtub, toilet surface, and back, mirror, glass, ceiling, etc.   Parameters: Length Adjustment Range: 54-90cm and 54-132cm Material: chenille + PP + iron   Package Include: 1*Replacement head 1*Mop  


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