4K Professional RC Drone 4K Professional RC Drone
4K Professional RC Drone from $69.95

  The 4K Professional RC Drone body is made of durable 3mm high-strength ABS material to ensure complete sealing. In the production process, each UAV must undergo at least two pressure tests to ensure its excellent waterproof performance. All its external parts are corrosion resistant and suitable for seawater and freshwater environments. 3D tracking lets the drone follow you autonomously. The 4K Professional RC Drone automatically detects objects and avoids obstacles using the cutting-edge motion intelligence similarly found in the self-driving car.  In Safari Mode, the  4K Professional RC Drone can explore the world. Flying along a designated route, it automatically identifies and frames objects of interest, taking the right photos at the right time. Using advanced AI, the 4K HD Professional RC helicopter recognizes animals, plants, people, vehicles, and other objects, bringing back aesthetically unique photos from its tour. The 4K Professional RC Drone is pre-programmed with built-in cinematic movements. Its precision flight patterns are designed to replicate industry professional film techniques.   DUAL GPS GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone. Also able to provide an automatic return, low power return and no signal return. ALL-ROUND FUNCTIONS Headless mode, altitude hold, and one key takeoff/landing for easier operation, no need to worry about orientation, and with a simple press on the button your drone will rise to a height or land, perfect for beginners. ADVANCED 9-AXIS GYRO Different from the most common 6-axis gyro quadcopter, this drone adopts advanced 9-axis gyro, which is more wind-resistant and steady during flight, making the pictures and videos you recorded clear and fluent. STORAGE: 8 GB Internal Storage The aircraft and export files through its USB 3.0 Type-C port. SPECIFICATIONS: Charging time: about 120 minutes Flight time: 30-35 minutes Flight Height: 500m/Flight distance: 5km Remote control battery: 3 x 1.5 AA battery Battery: built-in battery 3.7V 2600mAh (modular battery)  PACKAGE INCLUDES:  

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1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera 1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera
1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera from $39.95

Get live surveillance of your home 24/7. We always leave a portion of ourselves at home every time we go out. The hope that nothing bad happens at home and the worrying will always be there. It’s a good thing that the advancement in technology has lead to the discovery of surveillance cameras.              If you want to get updated on the happenings in your household, use this 1080P HD Mini-Remote Surveillance Camera. It’s literally a small yet incredibly useful device. No more worrying about the family members or valuables that you left at home. You get to check on them through live surveillance anytime, anywhere. Be updated 24/7, all you need is to download and connect the right app. This directly connects you to the surveillance camera and gives you access from the camera’s POV. This does not only work for people who leave their houses for work, school, or errands, it also works for families with kids. This device provides relief to parents as they can watch their kids from other rooms in the house. Absolutely useful and cost-efficient!       Modernly built with a mini-sized HD camera with a 150° wide-angle view to ensure clear and maximum view. The camera also features a super clear night vision. It’s equipped with small infrared lights that enable it to capture a clear view even in the dark. Unlike other surveillance cameras, the infrared lights from this one are hidden, they don’t flash visible red lights in the dark. This high-tech camera also has motion detection capabilities. With advanced technology, it has a built-in sensor that detects movement and pushes a notification with images. These notifications are then sent to your mobile device through the app you connected.   Security at its finest.        It features an amazing two-way audio option. With a built-in microphone and speaker, you can send voice messages from your mobile device to the camera, or vice versa. How convenient?! It’s powered by a built-in 2500 mAh battery which lasts up to 56 hours of use. Can be charged when plugged into a USB charger or power bank. When plugged in, it can function 24/7. This camera is compact, you can keep it hidden anywhere. It’s super easy to install too. With the magnet attached to it, you can stick it onto metal and iron surfaces in your home, car, office, and others. The package also comes with a mount that allows you to put the camera elsewhere, like walls, ceilings, and the like.   This is a total must-have!

Portable Door Lock Portable Door Lock
Portable Door Lock from $14.95

INTRODUCING THE UNBREAKABLE, VIRAL DOOR LOCK... Whether you're at home, traveling at an airbnb, or staying at a hotel, our Portable Door Lock is guaranteed to keep you safe from potential intruders.   BUILT TO KEEP YOU SAFE.   REINFORCED STRENGTH All of our Portable Door Locks are built with reinforced steel in order to keep your door locked shut. It's perfect for doors with or without locks. FITS ANY DOOR Our Portable Door Locks are built to fit any standard door, regardless of thickness. It's adjustable, easy to remove, and leaves no residue or door marks.  DEFENSE AGAINST INTRUDERS Most robberies are easily carried out through the use of lock pics and master keys. Our Portable Door Lock is unbreakable from the outside, and adds a second layer of defense against break-ins.


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